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HOV Technology Conference 2021

Oct 28, 2021

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About the Event

Slides and recordings of this event are available for purchase. If interested, please email

Priced Managed Lanes often offer full or partial discounts to High-Occupancy Vehicles (HOVs), to encourage carpooling. However, this policy has resulted in misuse, with claims of violations averaging 10-50% or more among declared HOVs. Manual enforcement by State Police has been the tried approach, with various challenges. Recently, the industry has turned to emerging technology on this important issue.


This conference comprehensively covered the following:

  • Today’s best practices,

  • Tolling agency technology pilots,

  • Camera-based Vehicle Occupancy Detection (VOD),

  • App-based HOV verification, and

  • Emerging in-vehicle sensors and connectivity.

For more information, check out the Event Guide here.

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