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Lev Pinelis
Principal + Founder

Lev Pinelis has 15+ years of comprehensive experience in the tolling and transportation systems industries – having worked on strategic planning, technology development, operations and innovation with emerging solutions.

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Kristen Johnson
Industry Specialist

Kristen Johnson has 20+ years of progressive experience focused on analyzing businesses and driving key decisions, including 10+ years in the tolling and transportation industries.

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Marissa Burkett
Industry Specialist

Marissa Burkett has 8 years of experience in strategy and organizational design consulting, including 4 in the area of electronic tolling, road usage charging, and connected mobility.

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Our Three Pillars


Events + Focus Groups

Hot-topic, online conferences and industry focus groups for subject matter experts.


Client Services

Direct client support, leveraging curated industry intelligence by toll industry insiders.


Industry Resources

A growing repository of industry resources, including an interview blog and our Industry Directory.

  • What is the benefit of Toll Insight’s online events and forums?
    We identify key emerging trends which present substantial risks or opportunities for the tolling industry. We then complete research with the leading experts and companies in this space, while then curating a unique, comprehensive online program that facilitates the sharing of all the relevant information on the selected topic. Speakers are able to share their expertise, while attendees benefit with an end-to-end compilation of facts and perspectives. Participants can receive access to event recordings and all the presentation materials, to use as a reference in their day-to-day efforts. Furthermore, events provide targeted sponsorship opportunities for toll agencies, relevant technology and consulting companies operating in the space.
  • How does Toll Insight serve the tolling industry?
    We support players throughout the tolling industry through our three pillars: Online events and forums Advisory and recruiting services Industry resources and blog
  • What is Toll Insight?
    Toll Insight is a knowledge sharing and networking hub for the tolling industry. We also provide direct services to public and private sector clients.
  • Who is involved with Toll Insight?
    Lev Pinelis is the Founder and Principal of Toll Insight. Marissa Burkett supports events and advisory services as an Industry Specialist.
  • What is the benefit of Toll Insight’s advisory and recruiting services?
    Toll Insight leverages a deep industry knowledge repository and professional network to bring optimal strategy and recruiting services directly to clients. For advisory services, elements like product-market fit, industry engagement, strategic introductions and business development support are typical services provided. For recruiting, Toll Insight is the only candidate sourcing service which is performed by industry insiders and has quickly become welcomed by companies and organizations looking to grow within tolling.
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