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Future Customer Service Center
(CSC) Conference

Dec 5, 2022

Future CSC 2022.jpg

About the Event

Slides and recordings of this event are available for purchase. If interested, please email

Across all industries, customer service modernization is occurring, spurred by the development of mobile account management, chat and text-based customer interaction options, artificial intelligence, and digital wallets. The tolling industry is no exception to this disruption with new Customer Service Center (CSC) options appearing on road networks across the globe.  

Toll Insight, an industry knowledge exchange platform founded in 2020, has gathered leading toll agency and consultant subject matter experts to discuss the trends for future CSC models and how they are beginning to be implemented today.


The Future CSC Conference presented a comprehensive program of speakers covering: 

  •  Future CSC Trends, 

  • Agency Trials & Perspectives, 

  • Adapting towards a flexible Back Office System (BOS), and 

  • Best practices in CSC Operations.

For more information about the event download the Full Day Agenda here.

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