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Third-Party Tolling Conference 2022

Apr 4 - 5, 2022

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About the Event

Slides and recordings of this event are available for purchase. If interested, please email

Toll agencies are experiencing a shifting landscape in account management – where they will have the opportunity or need to outsource the tolling and customer management value chain in whole or in-part. Third-party technology and fleet service companies, mobile app vendors and other start-ups have begun the disruption on a relatively small scale. But larger shifts are likely on the horizon from a traditional toll agency role towards one that incorporates third-party tolling models. There are many outstanding questions about the future of tolling, and agencies want to be as prepared and influential as possible to optimize the industry outcome.


This conference covered the following:

  • Third-Party Tolling Industry Trends,

  • Toll Agency Trials and Operations, and

  • Third-Party Vendor Presentations.

For more information about the event download the Event Guide here.

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