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Toll P3 Event 2024
Toll P3 Event 2024
Oct 01, 2024, 11:00 AM EDT
Online Conference
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In the News

Help is at Hand 

Far from being unwelcome disruptors, third-party tolling service providers can bring multiple benefits to agencies and customers alike, which is a why a new framework of recommendations is being proposed in the US to overhaul outdated practices, as Lev Pinelis and Marissa Burkett of Toll Insight, explain.

The 3rd Age

The adoption of third-party vendor (3PV) tolling is growing in the US, with agencies exploring several different models and often using lessons learned from the more established European market. Lev Pinelis, principal and founder of Toll Insight, which earlier this year held a conference on this specific topic, looks at the key considerations for the 3PV approach.

Where Next for HOV Lanes?

In October, the Toll Insight 2021 HOV Technology Conference investigated the evolving technology surrounding high-occupancy vehicle lanes and the ways in which compliance can be enforced. Here, Lev Pinelis, founder of Toll Insight, gives a complete overview of the proceedings.

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